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Point Of View

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Point Of View
Acrylic painting on canvas
90 x 90 cm / 35.4 x 35.4 in
Vienna, Austria, 2020

The price includes 13 % value added tax.

All original paintings are also available as art prints on canvas,
or paper. If you don’t find them here, please contact me.

Below you can find a few art print in different sizes.

This painting is interactive.
When you scan it with the free for download
ARTIVIVE app one can observe a video on it.

The delivery depends on the location.
Pick-ups are possible in the gallery.
I will get in touch with you after the order
for fast delivery and shipping options.

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The point of view in every situation is based on a certain selective perception of the observer. It is sometimes a melting pot of reality and fiction. This point of view has also diverse influences such as the background of the situation, the current mental state, the projections one has, which come from the past.
In most cases, we all observe at the same given situation a different element of it.
The element in the middle is called a Moebius, in this case, an impossible mathematical shape. I chose this element because it shows the complexity of even simple situations involving more participants. All of the participants can't have the exact same experience.

original painting

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