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Acrylic painting on canvas
Size: 105x115 cm /41.3 x 45.2 in
Vienna, Austria 2019
The price includes 13 % value added tax.
All original paintings are also available as art prints on canvas, or paper. If you don’t find them here, please contact me.

Original painting with a glossy protective varnish. 


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Making of video on youtube

FourTe is the combined power and a mastermind result of the unity of four elements, or four people.
Symbolically, I have used 2 types of creatures, a horse and a sea horse.
They have similarities, no matter they are absolutely different types of animals.    

In music, forte is used for louder, stronger sound. FourTe in the painting case represents the strong unity
of different elements, which together bring new results, innovation, and solutions,
that would not be possible on their own.

In the world of seahorses, there is a gender roles swap.
Pot-bellied seahorse males have a specialised enclosed structure on their tail.
This organ is called the brood pouch, in which the embryos develop.
The female deposits eggs into the male's pouch after a mating dance and pregnancy lasts about 30 days.

This distribution of roles is inspiring as a change of perspective.

A mastermind as a term was coined in 1925 by author Napoleon Hill in his book
The Law of Success and described in more detail in his 1937 book, Think and Grow Rich.

original painting

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