The Conifer Tree Awakening /painting/
  • The Conifer Tree Awakening /painting/
  • The Conifer Tree Awakening /painting/
  • The Conifer Tree Awakening /painting/
  • The Conifer Tree Awakening /painting/
  • The Conifer Tree Awakening /painting/
  • The Conifer Tree Awakening /painting/
  • The Conifer Tree Awakening /painting/

The Conifer Tree Awakening /painting/

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The Conifer Tree Awakening

Original acrylic painting on canvas

70 x 50 cm
Vienna 2023/2024

It is covered with protective matt varnish.

The price includes 13 % value added tax.

🌲 Being evergreen reflects the continuous work on oneself, constantly getting back up, reinventing oneself, showing resilience, choosing strength and light every day, and trusting life's beauty and the journey.

🌲Conifer trees are unique because they are among the oldest living plants, with some species like bristlecone pines living for thousands of years, and they have adapted to thrive in various climates, from tropical rainforests to arctic conditions.

🌲Conifer trees release phytoncides, natural compounds with health benefits, into the air. Walking in conifer forests, people inhale these compounds, which can reduce stress, boost immunity, and improve well-being.

Acquiring this original artwork will infuse your home or office space with the serene ambiance of a forest.
The painting is also available as an art print on paper or canvas.


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Conifer trees are crucial for several reasons:

1. 🌲Carbon Sequestration: 👉🏻 Conifers play a significant role in capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping mitigate climate change's effects.

2. 🌲Biodiversity: 👉🏻 They provide habitats for a wide range of wildlife, supporting complex ecosystems.

3. 🌲Economic Value: 👉🏻 Conifers are essential for their timber and resin, which are used in construction, paper products, and other industries.

4. 🌲Soil Preservation: 👉🏻 Their root systems help prevent soil erosion, particularly in mountainous and high-latitude areas.

5. 🌲Climate Regulation: 👉🏻 Large coniferous forests, like the boreal forests, significantly impact the Earth's climate system.

original painting

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