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JUDITH with the Snowdops 21 x 30 cm

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Judith 2
SMALL SIZE:  21 x 30 cm /
8.2 x 11,8 in. Body painting & painting print on canvas.

Hand signed and covered with protection, transparent varnish. Limited edition
The original print has no digital signature as the example photo.
One print is ready printed and can be shipped right away, or picked up in my art gallery in the city centre of Vienna.


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Interactive work with Augmented Reality.
1-Download the ARTIVIVE app on your phone.
2-Look at the artwork through the app.

This is an unique artwork, which combines the beauty of a painted human body and a canvas painting photographed together as one.

Photo & painting: Bella Volen
Vienna, Austria 2020
SIZE:  21 x 30 cm / 8.2 x 11,8

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