Color Theory & Composition & more

Workshops & lectures can be organized in the whole world, or in my studio in Vienna.
A class can be for one peroson, or a group.

Composition, construction, color theory, perception and perspective are most important parts of the artist language alphabet.

For example, you cannot write a good poem in French if you do not know the alphabet and its vocabulary. If you have a talent for poetry, you must first learn how to use the alphabet and language to magically spin the words. If you want to break certain rules to create something new, you must learn them first.

Unfortunately, inspiration does not always guide us. To be a professional artist means being able to create in every moment, without waiting for a muse’s kiss. I will show you in a game of transformation of forms and colors how to create in a special way and professional way.
The theory classes are available as one-to one classes, or online classes.

Color Theory

  • What is the color?
  • The difference between the color as light and as paint
  • Color systems: RYB, RGB, CMYK
  • 7 color contrasts
  • Primary, secondary colors
  • Contrary colors (psychological color contrasts)
  • Warm vs cold colors
  • Illusions with colors
  • Color combinations and their physical and psychological effect on us
  • Forms & colors
  • Color tips
  • Color history


Composition & Design

  • Different composition traditions
  • Rhythm and form transformations
  • Light, shade, shadow
  • Directions and sizes in the composition
  • Structure & Form
  • Patterns & contrast
  • Planes and volume
  • The use of perspective
  • Human Proportions & how to use them
  • Abstract and objective work
Color theory & composition-design lectures and classes

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