Wings of Self-Discovery
  • Wings of Self-Discovery
  • Wings of Self-Discovery
  • Wings of Self-Discovery
  • Wings of Self-Discovery

Wings of Self-Discovery

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Wings of Self-Discovery

Original acrylic painting on a round canvas

80 cm / 31.4 in

Vienna 2023

It is covered with protective glossy varnish.

The price includes 13 % value added tax.

The painting depicts the ever-changing journey of personal growth. 

It reminds us that we are constantly evolving, exploring the depths of our multifaceted nature. 

Change and transformation are the only constants, both in the world around us and within ourselves. 

This acrylic canvas painting captures the essence of our relentless pursuit of self-understanding, embracing the beauty of constant development and the limitless possibilities it brings.

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The painting also incorporates interference colors. These ghosty hues reveal themselves only when viewed from specific angles and illuminated by particular lighting.

Just as the hidden colors emerge, we too unravel our diverse facets and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

The Native American Ojibwe tribe has a saying that goes, "The dragonfly brings dreams to reality and is the messenger of change."

This proverb encapsulates the belief that dragonflies have a significance and are seen as symbols of transformation, adaptability, and the manifestation of dreams into reality.

It highlights the dragonfly's role as a messenger, guiding individuals through transitions and reminding them of the power of embracing change in their lives.

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original painting

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