The Resurrection Plant
  • The Resurrection Plant
  • The Resurrection Plant
  • The Resurrection Plant
  • The Resurrection Plant
  • The Resurrection Plant

The Resurrection Plant

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The Resurrection Plant

Original acrylic painting on a round canvas

80 cm / 31.4 in

Vienna 2023

Painting for 3D Chroma Depth glasses

It is covered with protective glossy varnish.

The price includes 13 % value added tax.

The Resurrection Plant, also known as the False Rose of Jericho, or Selaginella lepidophylla, is a resilient desert plant, which teaches us a valuable lesson about the power of persistence and transformation. This remarkable plant can survive even the most extreme conditions, being dry for years, awake from its hibernation, and becoming a green living beauty again.

We also encounter life's difficulties and challenges. But just as this plant can appear dead and lifeless, only to come back to life with a bit of water and the right conditions, so can we rise from our lowest moments and blossom anew.

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In our darkest moments, when life slips through our fingers like drifting sand, remember the resurrection plant. It reminds us that with determination, patience, and the proper support, we can overcome adversity and flourish again.

Our resilience is a testament to our inner strength. We, too, can find beauty in our ability to bloom even in the harshest circumstances.

Many of us experience the power of feeling alive in different ways.
The taste of fully living is connected to the chaos within, the emptiness, and the light we carry. The colors of our inner world drip like vibrant paint, creating new paths in the maze of existence.

original painting

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