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She and the 3 Hares, 60x60 cm
  • She and the 3 Hares, 60x60 cm
  • She and the 3 Hares, 60x60 cm

She and the 3 Hares, 60x60 cm

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She and the 3 Hares

SIZE:  60 x 60 cm /  23.6 x 23,6 in.
Body painting print on canvas. It is already printed and ready.

Vienna, Austra 2020

Hand-signed and covered with protection, transparent varnish.

At the moment there is one ready print on canvas in storage, which can be send via post, or picked up in my art gallery in down town Vienna.

Edition: 33
The original print has no digital signature as the example photo.

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This is a unique artwork, which combines the beauty of a painted human body, canvas painting, photographed together as a total work of art.

The THREE HARES motif is a trinity symbol and appears in sacred sites from the Middle and the Far East to the churches of Devon, England, and historical synagogues in Europe. The earliest occurrences appear to be in cave temples in China, dated to the Sui dynasty (6th to 7th centuries). The iconography spread along the Silk Road and was a symbol associated with Buddhism. While each hare seems to have two ears, the symbol is actually a visual puzzle: a total of three ears connects them in their endless loop. Some believe the rabbits symbolize eternity; others think they stand for fertility. Still, others consider them a representation of the connection between the heavens and the Earth. The original meaning of the three hares motif remains obscure, but it has a cross-cultural significance.

Interactive work with Augmented Reality
1-Download the ARTIVIVE app on your phone.
2-Look at the artwork through the app.

Here you can watch the art video on youtube

bodypainting print canvas

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