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Compass - The Kaleidoscope
  • Compass - The Kaleidoscope

Compass 2, External Internal Influences

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Compass- The Kaleidoscope
Acrylic on canvas
90 x 90 cm / 35.4 x 35.4 in
Vienna 2018

Original painting

This painting is interactive. When you scan it with the free for download ARTIVIVE app one can observe a video on it.

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Collection Life Steps
Protected with a glossy varnish.

The powerful, deep wish and search for the right path, direction, goal, calling in life is the only door, which can close the programmed bug in our human software, the inner black hole. That black hole is our own, personal devil, which consumes your power. There are no substances, wild events, money, clothes, food, or external objects, which can fill that gap. And how could something purely external be the answer to something from within, when the most important and valuable things such as the essence of us humans, our intellect, talent, love, passion, friendship, faith, trust, etc. are not of a material mater.
 The inner black hole is not there to disturb you but to teach you and guide you to find the light.

original painting