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Acrylic on canvas
100 x 80 cm / 39.3 x 31.4 in
Vienna, Austria 2022

Original painting
The canvas is protected with UV glossy varnish.

The price includes 13 % value added tax.

The painting can be observed with Chroma Depth 3D glasses.

All original paintings are also available as art prints on canvas,
or paper. If you don’t find them here, please contact me.

The delivery depends on the location.
Pick-ups are possible in the gallery.

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EN: "Metanoia has been used in psychology since the least time of philosopher and psychologist William James
to describe a process of fundamental change in the human personality."

We live in a very complex world, which is not getting easier.
On the contrary, there are more and more elements constantly piling on top of one another.

Many achievements in life are based on discipline, learning, developing skills, growing,
perseverance, persistence, mindfulness.

Observed from the outside, those who tend to take the easy way, and find excuses, call the success of others,
luck, and talent as a free gift dropped by a fairy.

In this work, I have used the impossible moebius shapes again.
They help me illustrate the complexity of the inner world and the development of the self.

The beautiful moths come from the outside world. They are attracted by the light, by that
foreign success. In a world full of fixed-mindset viewers, growth-mindset entrepreneurs have to
continue developing a very flexible strategy.

The fixed-mindset moths see the splendor, the fruits, not the innovative path
and the struggle that led to it.

Their occurrence is often dangerous for the balance of the system.







original painting

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