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It Is All In Your Hands
  • It Is All In Your Hands
  • It Is All In Your Hands-print on canvas
  • It Is All In Your Hands-print on canvas

It Is All In Your Hands-print on canvas

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It Is All In Your Hands
50 x 40 cm

Print on canvas with protection varnish.
The print is stretched on a wooden frame.

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Collection Quantum Vitalis
(original painting size: 70x60 cm/ 27 x 23 in)
Acrylic on canvas
Artist in residence Mussbach, Germany 2013

When you are stuck in a life situation, don’t forget, it is just a situation, not your life story. If you would like to change the outcome of the events, change your actions and your response to all events. The same actions from the past, might bring you the results, you always had. Here is my new painting: „ Into Each Life, Some Rain Must Fall“. After a crazy heat, there is always rain or a little storm, to cool down the earth and the mind. The sky gets clear and the air is fresh, a beautiful time for a new beginning. The difficulties in life are like a washing machine, they twist you, squeeze you, and bring you back clean and fresh. Sometimes only after time, we can realize, how much a situation has changed us. Behind every closed or open door, there is something new, we could learn and discover. It is our choice and state of mind and conditioning if we will see it, get it, or miss it.
The spirit of our contemporary time is speed. We are so often in a hurry. Our minds are busy, ours time is busy, but we cannot rely on the next moment, because if we do not focus on the moment here and now, we might miss a lot of important things. Keeping the moment and enjoying every bit of it, could help us to stay in the perfect flow of events and circumstances. It will give space and open a door for more to come.
painting print on canvas