• 1 DAY Bodypainting Workshop for a Class

1 DAY Bodypainting Workshop for a Class


(€1,080.00 900)

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Book Bella to teach 1 DAY bodypainting workshop for a class (to be organized by the event organizer).

5-15 students
Tuition:  English, German, Bulgarian

The classes can be focused on:

- Objective bodypainting
Abstract bodypainting
- History of bodypainting & body art
- Color theory and design
- Fashion body painting
- Commercial body painting
- Ultra Violet body painting
- Competition body painting
- Fine art body painting

Maximum amount of participants: 15 persons

The price includes 20 % VAT


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 ALSO Included in the plan are:
- The perspective as a tool
- Human proportion and how to use them
- Brush strokes and styles
- Structures & form
- Patterns & contrast
- Shading, highlights, shadow
- The line 
and more...

Bella Volen can be booked worldwide as an art instructor.
For bookings out of Vienna, Austria, the client shall provide a hotel room, workshop space, paint for the participants and cover the transportation costs. Bella brings brushes, which the class can use, her paint for a demonstration painting and other materials.
Bookings out of Europe have a different price.
Workshop time 10:00 am- 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm