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Private Bodypainting & Photo shooting for 2
  • Private Bodypainting & Photo shooting for 2
  • Private Bodypainting & Photo shooting for 2
  • Private Bodypainting & Photo shooting for 2
  • Private Bodypainting & Photo shooting for 2
  • Private Bodypainting & Photo shooting for 2
  • Private Bodypainting & Photo shooting for 2
  • Private Bodypainting & Photo shooting for 2
  • Private Bodypainting & Photo shooting for 2
  • Private Bodypainting & Photo shooting for 2

Private Bodypainting & Photo Shoot for 2


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Private bodypainting & photo shoot for two people in Bella Volen's Studio in Vienna

This voucher can be used as a present for a special person, but also just as a great new experience for yourself.
Included are:
-A personal conversation
-Bodypainting Photo shooting
-1-5 retouched photos in a high resolution on a CD
-One print on canvas
Photo shoot F.A.Q are below.

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  Return policy

Artworks without damages can be sent back within 7 days. Services-Gift Vouchers within 5 days.

This voucher is ONLY for private clients and the photos can be used only for private use. Every voucher is valid for 6 months from the day they have been paid. One voucher is for one painting in this case with two people painted together. A cbodypainting shoot for two is mostly torso painting.

F.A.Q. Private Bodypainting

We have no experience as models. Is this a problem?

-You don’t need any model experience. Together we will find the best poses for your painting design, idea, body and perception of your self.

 How long will the bodypainting & the photo shoot take?

-The time depends on the design difficulty and pose. It could be for both of you together between 4 and 8 hours. Between 2 and 4 hours per Person. This depends on your wishes.
-In case you are not very patient, just tell me in advance so that we chose a design, which is effective and beautiful, but faster/fast to paint.
-The photo shoot will be about 30 min.
-Additional video package will be also 30 min filming. The video editing time depends on my booking. You will be informed before the photo shoot.

Do we have to prepare something?

-There are a few important things before the painting & photo shoot.
-Get enough sleep.
-Don’t drink a lot of alcohol the evening before.
-Have breakfast.
-Don’t put lotion on your skin. Cream on the face is ok.
-Bring warm socks, dark trousers or leggings to keep you comfortable during the painting.
-Bring sleepers or flip-flops.
-Don’t wear white or pale clothes.
-Shave or epilate your body the evening before.
-It is important to sit still and speak as less as possible. There will be nice music or if you want an audio book, so the time will pass faster.
-You can come with make up on.
-Tell me in advance if you want fake eye lashes.
-Be aware that I work also with the hair. The product I use is very healthy and would not harm your hair.

How naked are we?

-You wear for sure panties or special boxer shorts. For the ladies-nipple covers or special bra cups are available.
-If you are very shy and do not want too much naked skin we could combine with painted fake leather clothes, or just create a complicated design only with head, shoulders and hands.

Can I get painted together with my child?
-Yes of course. Have a look at the photo examples.

Can I bring a friend or family member to the session?
-You are welcome to bring someone with you to the session as long as they could read a book or do something in the time I paint.

Can I get also a PAINTLOON (balloon painted costume)?
-Yes of course. Depending on the design and size it could take about 12 hours in advance to be build and painted.
-A Paintloon costume costs an additional fee between 200-300 €.

All mentioned prices here are only for private shoots in my studio. Commercial use of the images is possible with additional fee.

Can you add a painted background?

-Yes. For the offered price you will have 2 photos with a different postproduction background. For more photos with a different retouched background there will be an additional charge. This could be discussed in advance.
-The cost for a hand painted background/big canvas, which stands behind you depends on the complexity of the painting (abstract, realistic). In such a case you will receive more photos.

What can be painted on me?

-Everything. I offer only individual designs and don’t repeat them. After the booking we will discuss your wishes. You will receive a written idea. After an agreement on my suggestion you will receive 1 layout included in the price.

For family, friends, bigger shootings, or corporate event body painting or shootings, please contact us via e-mail or phone. If you would like to be painted by Bella Volen in another country, feel free to contact us for her traveling fees and additional costs.

This offer is only for shootings in my studio and for half-upper body, or parts of the bodies. It is better to focus on details and perfection, than on painting everything.