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Trinity /W.S.B./
Acrylic painting on canvas 

Vienna, Austria 2019

120 x 80 cm / 47.2 x 31.4 in

Original painting

This painting is interactive. When you scan it with the free for download ARTIVIVE app one can observe a video on it.

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This work represents three columns, three symbols, the though, the beautiful vision, and strength.

I often think we humans are diverse and full of contradictions. People often try to grasp others, to put them in a box with a label. It is just a protective way to think one understands the others better.

The only constant element in life is transformation and change.

I see us as crystals with many diverse facets, and the crystal is in a constant movement. So, when two humans encounter, they often meet a different side of the stone, a different side of the person, which depends on a change in thoughts, actions, results, a different context, professional or private circle, mood, mental condition, etc.

original painting