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Professional paintings, drawings, silkscreen and more by Bella Volen.

It goes without saying that every office space...



  • Original Silkscreen

    Original limited edition Ssilkscreen prints on paper.

  • Original Drawings

    Here you can find original drawings on paper.

  • Original Paintings

    Original canvas paintings by Bella Volen. All canvas works are painted with acrylic paint and finished with a protection transparent lack with UV filter.This lack protects the art works from scratches, dust, dirt and sunlight. They can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.

    It goes without saying that every office space needs to create an ambience in line with its business image. Buying paintings has a few very positive aspects for every company:

    - It has an investment value.
    - The company can use them to write-of taxes as interior.
    - It creates a friendly and colorful ambience.
    - The colors have a very strong psychological effect on us and Bella uses special color combinations, which are pleasant fort he eyes.
    - We live in times, where the Built-In Obsolescence- Planned Obsolescence- ( things are produces not to last long) is everywhere. Bella Volen paintings are made to last many generations and uses the best paint, canvas and varnishes protecting form sunlight and dust.

    Some of the largest art collections in the world are owned by corporates.

    Bella Volen offers direct order from the online store for worldwide clients, but also for private and corporate clients based in Austria to buy original paintings and to pay by installments.  

  • Interior Objects

    Dear visitors,
    here you can find hand painted room deviders, painted music instruments and other objects by Bella Volen.
    Soon here will be some hand made lamps and sculptures made by my mother Marina & grand mother Maria.

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